Thursday, July 30, 2009

dougie's view

in the year 2000 our late friend dougie sanchez,a shop steward in the pacific northwest wrote a poetry book about tattoo shops called"the shallow end of the gene pool".periodically i will pay tribute to doug by publishing some excerpts from his book.we miss you man!

welcome to my blog

i started this blog because i love hearing the crazy true stories from my tattooer friends all over the world.i know not every tattooer travels a lot,so i will try to bring you the best from all the wonderful people i've met in my own path. trust me when i tell you dear reader,these stories are waaay better in person! periodically i will also put up real quotes from real people in tattoo shops,so lets start off with a few of those.

i was giving aftercare instructions to a customer,i told her to apply lotion using very thin coats,and she said "thats okay,i mostly wear sweaters"

i was working at tsunami tattoo and my boss tim mccarthy walked by me ,on the phone with a customer and he was saying "yeah yeah i know,but which one? i'm doing a few iron maiden tattoos right now."

my pal tony mills was giving aftercare intructions to a stripper customer who responded by saying "i'll be alright baby,i heal fast-even my sores."

mike wilson was at a nightclub in san francisco,he pointed to a guy and said "hey look! it looks like kirk hammock from metallica,only bald!" the man looked over with a sour expression on his was kirk hammett from metallica.